Thursday, April 19, 2007

International Friendly

I joined my senpai tonight for an international match tonight. I know it's sound like I'm over exaggerating it, but I said that coz the two teams that played tonight comprised of students from 4 countries: Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. It started at around 8pm and we played for about 90 minutes (no half time in between). I'm not quite sure exactly how many players there were in each team, but I guess there were about 12 or 13 players for each side. Besides the students from the kosen, there were students from Nagaoka University of Technology (簡単に言うと、技大) who came in two cars to play as well.
Final score? I have no idea coz I guess the score for both sides was a 2-digit score. There was definitely some nice touches and great goals. But at the same time, there were mistakes in front of the goals and misses as well. I admit I wasn't on the scoresheet, maybe because I was playing in between the midfield and defence. I had a shot that I was sure it was going to the top corner, but in the end, it was blocked. And to make matter worse, it was blocked by my own teammate! Better luck next time maybe.
Everytime my team gets a corner, I'm sure to get into the penalty box. Although there wasn't even a time I had a touch on the ball everytime there's a corner kick for my team, at least I make the opposition team to send 3 to 4 players to mark on me. Imagine that! So that left my other teammates free with no one marking them and that gave them the chance to score. One of the best goal I guess was by Ikbar. He gets a low pass from the corner kick, made a turn and shot to the top corner although he was going down.
The match actually wouldn't have ended that early if Surianto didn't have a collision with my team's goalkeeper on a one-on-one situation. That caused the keeper had bleeding nose. Anyway, it wasn't serious. And so, the international friendly match ended. It was nice playing with them coz I find the Japanese are quite friendly. Everytime there was a tackle or collisions, they'll acknowledge each other. But throughout the match, it was really cold. I hardly sweat when I was playing and so, it wasn't that tired for me to continue with some studies after the match.

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