Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'm In Japan

Yeah, I finally landed in Narita airport in Tokyo. We'll be staying here for a night before heading to my college in Nagaoka early tomorrow morning by shinkansen (bullet train). It's 8 degree here and it's kinda freezing although it's already spring. I also got to see sakura for the first time. Couldn't write much in this post as I'm currently using the internet access from the hotel. Anyway, I'll be writing more about my journey down to the land of raising sun in the next few post (which is until I get my own line) from my college.


replacement said...

fun bo?i damn sien here la..cum bac frm school,no1 2sms ad..samo bo mc...sien nia..haih..miss u wan jo!!oso xno wt hapen dat day whn u fly..u say bout 'ur fren' wana gv u surprise ee..promise ai kong pun bo ee..aiya mien liau la..ltr cry again,bo ho la.happy bo in jpn?room how?honey how?aiya..kong ai email..bt em chai la..i wana email u ee.bt gt prob my mail..kla.mai kong liau..take care la k!make sure dun fall sick ar..drink more water!!wear more clothes!!rak kun.byebye.

calvin said...

hmm, i will tell you more when i get my internet access, k? miss me? cin bo? about that surprise i`ll post it later la. the ceiling here is very low. can`t email you coz still be online ma. k la, see ya...