Saturday, April 7, 2007

I Turned 20 Today

Saturday, APRIL 7, 2007
Know why I put the date in capital letter? Yea, it's April 7 today and it's my birthday today. So, it's just kinda like a reminder thing. So, I woke up at 8 this morning after Tanaka (my tutor) called me. We had a breakfast. Then went to the ground to watch friendly football match and went to gymnasium to see them having basketball practice. Later we went back and I had a short shower before going out.
We were supposed to meet in front of the ryou to go out today. When we met, Joann was the first to wish me and gave me 2 chocolates. But she made a BIG mistake (for the second consecutive year!) by telling me Yan Kuang ask to send his birthday wishes, although he was just standing beside me. Actually she wanted to say Chang Yuan (from Hokkaido), but don't know how she got that all mixed up. Foong Yin wished me happy birthday as well.
So off we go for shopping by bus. Then we had our lunch. It was ramen (taste like local wantan mee). Then went to buy my electronic dictionary, battery charger and line cable for my internet access. Later, our senpai fetch us to the Nagaoka University to meet up with the other foreign students there. We went to one of our senpai, Teoh (she happened to arrived in Japan in January but she can't speak any Japanese!) for steamboat.
Well, actually this steamboat thing was planned to be done last night, but it was postponed to today, which coincide with my birthday. Pretty lucky, huh? We did an introduction about ourselves while waiting the food to arrive. Well, while eating at first they didn't know it was my birthday until someone mention it after the introduction thing (yes, they did the intro thing twice). They even asked me to sing. Alamak! I didn't want to sing at first, but at last I gave in. And we took some pictures as well. I'll try to get those pics from one of the senpai who brought her camera.
After the steamboat, one of the senpai fetch us back to our ryou. That night I manage to online using Adeli's computer. And there was quite a number of testimonials and emails came in. But I couldn't reply all of them at once. Anyway, to those who send their birthday wishes to me, thanks a lot. I got to chat with all at home as well.
How a day can change totally. Just 24 hours ago I expect today will just going to be just another day coz I don't think anyone would know it's my birthday. But in the end, my 20th birthday turned our to be something nice. Even nicer as it's my first time celebrating birthday outside Malaysia.
But just one thing I was surprised (or I should have expected it) was there wasn't any sms or reply that came into my number since I left, except for Ferdinand and Yian Tyan. I guess I should know what I should do now. But actually I should have done it long time ago. Never mind about that. Anyway, I found later from Irin that she did sms me on that night when I was leaving. Maybe that time I was too busy until didn't notice that sms. So, to sum it up, I had a nice and sweet birthday in Japan this year :)


Anonymous said...

Hi KahYee

Happy belated BIRTHDAY. How is life in Japan? Do take care ya...send some pictures the clothing? Are they enough to give you the warmth?

May you have great experrience ahead........bye

Aunt ST

calvin said...

thanks. life in japan. first thing i must mention is it`s very COLD here. even i wear two layer, it`s still cold. shiver also everytime we are in outdoor.

life here very different compared to malaysia as well. their lifestyle, food etc. so far haven`t got to taste malaysian food since the last time we had our nasi beryani in tokyo when we arrived. after that was all japanese food. but their food not bad la. some taste good (of course there are some that taste `weird` as well!!!)

i got took pictures already actually. but just haven`t post them coz kinda ma huan since i haven`t got my internet access.

k la, thanks again for the wishes