Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Youkoso Tokyo

I arrived in Japan. My first impression? It's VERY cold. The temperature was around 8 degree Celsius. And it was like being in the fridge (in fact, it's much colder!). It was raining when our plane landed at Narita International Airport. So I guess that have added to the coldness when we arrived.
my very first picture from Japan: the plane I took from Malaysia
inside Narita International Airport: still not much people as it was still early morning
While claiming my luggage at the airport, I have difficulty finding my luggage. But in the end mine was the last to came in. We even met Minemura Sensei who waited for us in the airport with his wife. We had a short chat with him before we headed to the hotel for the briefing by JPA and we met some of the senpai as well.
Minemura Sensei (left) was waiting for us before we board our bus to our hotel
sakura along the road
sakura again
Toko Hotel, where we stayed for one night in Gotanda, Tokyo
just outside the hotel
We had nasi beryiani for our lunch and that's our last Malaysian food we going to have. Although we were in 五反田 (Gotanda) in Tokyo for just a short while, we went to kia kia (jalan jalan) around the town. And not to let mum worry, I send an email using the internet access in the hotel. But just an email alone, I don't think its enough coz I know mum was waiting from my call. So I call back just to say I arrived safely although it was just a 3-minute call.
from left: me, Yew Keong and Yi Fuan
nasi beryiani (Japanese style): the lunch we had in the hotel
inside my hotel room
sakura 'canopy'
and I'm under the sakura
view from in front of the hotel
a pachinko outlet near the hotel
view from a jejantas (see, me English is getting worse!)
that's me on the jejantas
in front of the wantan mee shop (that's what written on the signboard)
back to jejantas again, but at night
night view from Tokyo
the JR train (like Putra LRT in Malaysia) is still packed even it's already at night


Anonymous said...


Wah so nice ah Japan.You definitely got the best chance in your life to get best life exposure. I am sure you will find life a bit strange as everything is totally new. Nevermind, given another month or two, you will start to get use to it. as for students attitude, it is pretty common for tertiary level education as long as you are not influence by the negative culture, it is no big deal.Take care.

calvin said...

yeah, it's going to be a wonderful journey in japan i guess. but i just got one thing that kept me wondering. can i know who is this? if you really wanna keep it secret anyway, then it's ok. no problem on that.