Friday, April 27, 2007

Alien, Here's Your Card

I went to take my alien card today. Wonder why the card is called 'alien card'? It's simple, coz we are alien in Japan. Yea, I'm not joking here. Well, since the 市役所 (Registration Office) opens only on weekdays, so we got no choice but to find any free period to go there. Although we got a 2-hour break after lunch today, but it still wasn't enough for us to make it on time. So, we got the permission from 大石先生 (Ooishi Sensei) to go out early from his class, have our lunch at the canteen and go to the 市役所.
Well, when we were there, we just take the card, which lasted just about 5 minutes. So the time taken for us to get there and back to our kosen was very much longer. Anyway, lucky there wasn't any incident like taking the wrong bus. But to confirm it, we asked a woman at the bus stand at the 市役所 whether the bus we were taking is the correct one. While waiting for the bus, we chatted with her as well. She was pretty friendly.
guys, this is called the alien card!
We reached the kosen at around 2.10pm and we decided to have a rest a while before attending the next class, since we have already got the permission from our Physics sensei. I hope he doesn't read this though! Later that night we got 茶会 (tea ceremony) among all the student in the 2nd floor of our hostel. Well, although it's 茶会, but basically besides tea, we eat snacks, chocolate, keropok and soft drinks.

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