Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Welcome To Nagaoka

We woke up early this morning as we'll be splitting and head to our respective colleges. We went to the Tokyo Eki (Tokyo Station) by charted bus. To reach Nagaoka, we went by shinkansen (bullet train). Again this is my first time on the shinkansen. It cost us 8900yen (around RM300) for the trip which took about 2 hours. But we didn't need to foot the bill for the shinkansen ticket.
東京駅 (Tokyo Eki), which is always packed with people
one of the shinkansen at the station
this is the shinkansen I took
just see how much is the cost for our journey to Nagaoka - 8900yen (RM300)
notice the red wording which stated our train at 8.24am
normal sight at the station
with Ridzuan and Muazam inside the train
hmmm... innnocent face? lolz!
while on the journey, I took some photos
buildings and houses
Mount Fuji? (これは富士山じゃない)
or Mount Everest maybe?
another Mount Everest?
actually these are just mountains along the way
and a last pic of mountains (still got snow at the peak)
There was a officer from our kousen who have been waiting for us at Nagaoka Eki (Nagaoka Station) and he took us to the local registration department to do stuff like health insurance and our alien card (yes, funny name, huh?) Later, we was taken to the kousen and we check into the ryou (hostel).
It was a double room, so I shared my room with Yan Kuang. The size was okay but there were just one problem. The height of the ceiling and the doors. It's kinda low and I got to bow a little bit every time I walk around the ryou. It's the same as the hotel we stayed in Tokyo. So I guess most of the building in Japan are like this.
my college from my room
also taken from my room
from my room again

After we had our lunch, next was the meeting with our tutor. Tanaka Kazuki is my tutor. And later that day, we went out for shopping with our senpai (Yati, Syani, Ayu and Foong Yin). On the way out, it rained and we later notice the rain turned into pieces type stuff. Like diamonds. It's my first time to experience this kinda of rain.
We bought stuff like pillow, bolster, syampoo etc. It cost me nearly 15,000yen (around RM500). Yeah, things here are expensive. Even the udon (noodle) we had for dinner cost us 709yen (RM23). But got to get use to this thing soon.


Mathieu said...

Hi, nice blog. I like the snow :)

In a couple of month I want to go to Nagaoka for a few days and I am looking for a hostel. Do you remember the Name of the hostel you stayed?
This would help me a lot.


Mathieu from Germany

calvin said...

@ mathieu:
hi mathieu!

i am currently staying in the college's hostel and i don't think it is open for outsiders to rent it. anyway, email me if you plan to look for some other options.

enjoy your time in nagaoka :D