Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hanami (Again!)

Assalamualaikum w.b.h dan selamat sejahtera

Makluman buat semua warga madina, majlis hanami utk tahun ini akan diadakan pada sabtu ini. detailnya adalah seperti di bawah:

Perkara: Hanami 2007
Tempat: Yuukyuuzan (belakang kosen)
Tarikh: 21/4/2007
Masa: 9.00 pagi (di yuukyuuzan)

Kepada sesiapa yg mempunyai kelapangan masa diharap dapat hadir bg memeriahkan majlis kita ini. Sekian, terima kasih.

Above is an email send by the moderator of Madina (MAlaysian DI NAgaoka). It has been stated clearly that it will start at 9am. If you are reading this and you consider yourself a Malaysian, what time will you be going there?
A. 9.00am
B. 9.30 am
C. 10.00am
D. 10.30am
E. tell them that you are going, but in the end you put airplane on them
Well, I guess most of you will choose option C, wouldn't you? I did as well. I think this choice will not come as a surprise to us as Malaysians are famous for their own version of time keeping. So reaching a place an hour late is not a new thing.
I guess they wanted to start the hanami at 10am, but they know if they were to put the time as 10am, everyone will be ending up going there at 11am instead. So, that's the reason they put it at 9am. And so, off we (Ridzuan and me) go to Yuukyuzan Park at 10am sharp. And since he wanted to call back using the phone at the park, we ended up meeting the rest at 10.30am.
the entrance to Yuukyuzan Park
I'm not sure if it was a coincident, but immediately after we arrived, they straight start with bacaan doa and straight makan. One of the part which I like the most about attending functions organised by Madina is that we'll be able to have Malaysian food. This time there were roti canai, spaghetti, chicken curry, mutton curry and cucur (by Yati) as well.
members of Madina
I think since that football match that night, I've got a nickname; ie 高い (takai, not sakai!) as they were calling me takai all the time just now. I got chatted with one of them (sorry, I couldn't remember his name). He is from Ipoh and currently doing his PhD in Japan. He's been to UK before this before coming to Japan in 2005. After finished eating and chatting, Ridzuan and me walk back to kosen. This is the 2nd hanami I attended in as many weeks. It's been some time since I post photos in my blog. So, here's today's photos that I took. By the way, most of the sakura pics were taken while I was waiting Ridzuan to call back Malaysia. And by this week, the sakura have begun to fall.
sakura along the road
same road with more sakura
the park is surronded with sakura trees
sakura along the lake
closed-up sakura
another closed-up pics
sakura canopy
maybe a different version of sakura: white sakura
some stalls being set up there
people were everywhere all the time

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