Sunday, April 1, 2007

Finally, I'm Leaving

I think this will be my last post before I leave for Japan. Possibly I'll not be able to send any post within the first week I reach there. Depends on whether I have internet connection. But I guess it wont be too long before I'm back blogging. Anyway, tomorrow will be, well, I don't know how should I put it. In terms of feelings, there's everything: happy, anxious, sad. It's just everything. Happy coz finally I'll be going there, while feeling anxious on what's ahead. Sad, coz I'll be leaving my family, especially my mum. And friends as well (including some which I know I'll be missing them).
I'll be going down to PJ in the morning with my family to check-in into the hotel first. And we'll be heading down KLIA in the evening. There's something I know what I'll do when in the airport. Maybe some of you find it rather over-emotional , but I'm sure I'll be (at least) sheeding my tears. That's something for sure.
Looi promised me that he'll be sending me off at the airport as well, although he got a swimming test late tomorrow. Hope it won't be too rush for him. Whether you are coming alone or with her (if you succeed), I know I'll be having a hard time when I'm leaving. As you once told me, 'perpisahan is sad'. And now I know how true is that. Anyway, I know there's almost no chance of you not coming alone (sorry if I've used no/not too many times until it took you some time to digest it). What you told me about what happened last Friday is enough to explain it, I guess. Remember the printer thing? That's the first sign. And what happened tonight (which I told you) just summed up everything. So I think the chance is just next to impossible for you to bring her along.
Never mind about that. I was just as if in my own wonderland, writing about those stuff. So, I'm off to Japan tomorrow night (I know I've been repeating this). We'll be reaching Tokyo in the morning, around 7am and be staying there for a night, before we split into our colleges. As for me, I'll be heading to Nagaoka by shinkansen (bullets train) along with Yan Kuang, Joann, Ridzuan, and a few others.
That's all for this time. I could possibly start off my very first blog posting in Japan in Japanese. But no worries, as I'll post in with the translation as well. To my grandma and aunties, thanks for your wishes and presents, plus ang pows as well. And to all my friends here in Malaysia, thanks a lot for those SMSs, emails and maybe through other ways in sending me your best wishes. Hoping to see you guys again and do keep in touch always =) さようなら (Sayounara).


MichelleG said...

where's my letter? :P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
you've got your scrap book =)