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Well, I guess most of you guys don't have any idea on what's been written above, unless you know Japanese. Well, I'm not going to translate those (unless there is anybody who want me to translate them). But anyway, for your information, above is the text for us during the 対面式 for 自己紹介 (introduction function) this Thursday. Actually it's just for the newly entered 1st grader students in our kosen, but the foreign students will also be participating in this thing, although when we enter the kosen, we'll be starting from the 3rd year.
Well, the text was supposed to be much longer, but to our relieve, the list was cut short. All these year, the newly entered foreign students were supposed to state out all the senpai (senior)from their own country. And this year, there are 4 senpai in the 4th year and 7 senpai in the 5th year. That's 11 Malaysian senpai in total. Besides their names, we are also supposed to state their course and year. Although it's not impossible, just imagine this: going in front of about 300 students and do the 自己紹介 thing in Japanese. So, I'm sure we are going to be nervous and might forget the text altogether.
Luckily enough for us (but for our senpai, they were jealous) this year, we were just supposed to state the senpai from our course and in my course (Mechanical Engineering), there are just 4 senpai (2 both in 4th and 5th year). So, although I don't singled out that I won't be nervous this Thursday, at least it will be much easier.
But, besides us, the 1st grader will be doing the 自己紹介 thing as well. And our tutor last night took us to see them do their practice for this Thursday. However, last night, we was just walk through the corridor of their rooms without entering the room. Tonight, after some persuasion by Yan Kuang, we managed to get into the room and see what's exactly is happening in the room. We was later joined by a Muazam and 2 more tutors. We did took some video on the practice by the 1st grader as well. I can assure anyone who see it must have lots to say. Interesting, nervous and sometimes pity on those little boys.
Among others, the will make them play minesweeper (saying that since they lack concentration and playing minesweeper could make them concentrate more). Of course they won be winning it as they make the 1st grader played it in a fast pace. So, they just ask them to close the display of the laptop and on it, there is that 合格 paper again.
But to me, the most interesting part is making them read 18SX comic (I think you guys understand what I mean here), then put a paper written with 合格 (passed) on the next few pages. Before they started reading it, they have instructed the kohai (junior) to read it full with emotions and visualise the characters with the ahh... uhh... and mmm... Just imagine that!
honey, we shouldn't be doing this here
Since the 点呼 (roll call) was going to start, we went back to our rooms and shared the video we took with the others. Just some regret as we wasn't able to take a full version since Fadzli Shah's and Hasan's camera was out of memory. Anyway, we had a great laugh together (to the kohai, no hard feelings okay?). But for tomorrow's 対面式, we will have to introduce ourselves as well and I think we should be okay. I'll tell the detail about it in tomorrow's posting.

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tang yii said...

luckily i need not to jikoshokai in front of all the students...
only a bit of jikoshokai in class.
btw , we=me + kamarull + afifi missed the nyuugakushiki.