Saturday, April 28, 2007

And I Got My New Phone Today

After getting my alien card yesterday, I went out with Foong Yin, Hasan, Yan Kuang and Muazam to register for our new handphone. When we went to the Softbank branch (it's a handphone company, not a bank!) at Eki, they don't allow us to get a new phone unless we bring our passport along. Although we brought our alien card together, but since all three of us didn't bring our passport there, so we couldn't get our phone. We waited for our alien card to be done for so long all this while just to register our new phone, yet we still couldn't get a phone. Sigh. But anyway, since we going to the newly opened (just 2 weeks ago) shopping complex, リバーサイト千秋 (Riverside Senshu) near Jusco, we decided to try there.
Before we went to the Softbank branch at Eki, we met with one of our senpai, Ebby who was waiting there with William. She was from Nagaoka Kosen and who is currently studying at Niigata University. It was nice chatting with her though. So after that, we set to Riverside Senshu and there, we met with 3 more senpai (5th grader), Yati, Ayu and Syida. After exchanging some words and some ice cream, we went searching for the Softbank branch there.
911T-my new phone
After some recommendations from Yati, I decided to take the 911T model which was quite expensive, but I guess it's worth it. While doing the registration thing with some help from Yati, I got my phone without paying a single yen at that time. Yes, I'm serious. It's because the payment will be completed through my bank and it's in a monthly basis. I was also asked to pick a free gift which I pick a towel coz I feel it's pretty nice.
instead of the normal flip-over pad, this phone's pad is a push-up pad
the towel I got
Before getting out from the outlet, as there were children’s snack on display, we took (quite a lot actually) them and eat some while the remaining ones, we put into our bags. Then the girls went shopping (that’s nothing surprising at all, right?) for a few hours! Before going back, we had our dinner there at a Chinese restaurant, since Yati wanted to eat Chinese food. This is the second time she went to the same restaurant in one day (coz she had her lunch there as well!)
some of the snacks we took home (siao, right?)
When I was back in hostel, only I realised that I'm the only one (out of the 8 new students) who got a phone at the moment. So in other words, I'm the first to get a new phone. Muazam will be getting his phone next Monday, while for Yan Kuang, he's still under aged (technically). Maybe here their policy is much stricter. So, I guess the rest will be getting their phone in Tokyo during the Golden Week.

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