Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Speech Contest

While I was tidying up my stuff just now, I came around this pink paper-pack thing.

wondering what's inside it?

And it reminded me of the PPKTJ's Speech Competition that I took part last year. And by the way, for those who might be wondering, PPKTJ stands for Pusat Persediaan Kajian Teknikal ke Jepun (Preparatory Centre for Technical Studies to Japan).

The competition was actually in Japanese, and it's compulsary for every student in my course to participate. Initially, everyone of us was hoping for an exemption (I'm being one of them!) It was first held among students in each class. And the best 3 student from each class will be entering the finals, which 12 students are selected.

This first task was basically picking a topic and preparing the text. It took me days to figure out a topic. And finally I came out with the title 'Mareshiajin to Nihonjintono Seikakuno Chigai' (The Difference between Malaysians and Japanese).

the text I came out with

And I got to prepare texts over texts before I finally done with my final copy. So, what the contents of my speech? Well, I touched about punctuality and manners.
the first text - nagasugiru (too long)

the second text with lots and lots of corrections

the final one (at last!)

So the text is done. And next is the memorizing part. Yea, I know we shouldn't memorize our text but weren't we've been trained to memorising since our school days, especially during exams! But actually, I didn't really memorize my text as you can see in this picture below:

my text is on the table (in case I go blank!)

Next is the finals. Since the lecturers weren't the judges, students are given this for giving the marks for the contestants.

well, I still refer (but just once in a while) to the text during the finals!

When the results were announced, I came out 4th (out of 12 participants) well, that's not a bad achievement, isn't it?

actually my president was reluctant to hand me the prize

And the prize? It would be nice if the prize is a trip to Sydney (or something like that), right? Well, that's just me having a day dream. But the 4th prize wasn't bad though. It was a certificate and a pair of pencil and a sharpener!

the certificate I got...

and my newspaper-made pair of pencils and sharpener!

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