Monday, March 19, 2007

Malaysia At Its Very Best... And Worst!

Recently, I've been talking about Malaysia. And again, in this post, we'll see some of our Bolehland at its very best, and worst! (no hard feelings, okay?)

These are some of the things that I love being a Malaysian:

  • The government is sending students oversea to further their studies (I’m one of the benefactors!)
  • Low level of stress (we can see this through the low number of suicide cases in the country)
  • Low level of noise pollution.
  • We are surrounded with natural and refreshing green environment (at least in the kampungs, if not in cities like KL)
  • We have a lot of natural resources like petroleum and tin (once upon a time)
  • We are free from natural disasters like earthquake, typhoon and volcano eruptions (the tsunami in late 2004 being an exception)
  • It rains throughout the year.
  • We have large area of land. So our homes are bigger (rooms in Japan are usually smaller than our toilets!)
  • We have our own freedom to choose our religion.
  • A multi-racial country means we are living in a multi-culture community (with various types of festivals and languages)
  • It's easy (and cheap) to get a driving license.
  • Price of things is still low (but how about the fuel price?)
  • We have our own national car.
  • We have the skyscrapers recognized around the world (the Petronas Twin Tower being one of them)
  • We are helping poorer countries.

And now, the not-very-nice-things about Malaysia:

  • We are not punctual (well, Malaysia's time is generally half an hour after the initial time)
  • We don't queue-up when paying in the cashier or getting into buses and LRTs.
  • We don't have the reading habit (well, I don't read either!)
  • We throw rubbish and keropok's plastic everywhere (everyone's doing it, aren't they?)
  • We lack the awareness to keep the country clean, city folks especially
  • We don't know well about our country (just a simple question as a test: what's the population of Malaysia?)
  • We don't do well in sports (I mean like football (old story) and hockey; not squash, of course!)
  • Pirated goods are everywhere (Petaling Street will definitely come to our minds)
  • Services aren't good, especially in government departments (okay, there are some improvements lately)
  • Road accidents cases are among the highest (is this an example of 'Malaysia Boleh'?)
  • Cars and electrical equipments are expensive
  • The education system-well, how should I put it?
  • The programmes in the local TV are mostly boring, especially in RTM (agree, anyone?)
  • Too many illegal immigrants in the country.
  • Vandalized public facilities are everywhere.


Joann said...

dint know ure brain can still think so much after 1 month of holiday...ya;s calvin we;re talking about after all..haha..CALVIN BOLEH!!!!!

calvin said... seems like you are only interested to post comments on my 'Bolehland' posts, aren't you?
and yea, CALVIN BOLEH!!! =P

cl3m` said...

u forgot corruption, an all talk no action pm, the public working for the government and not vice versa, high petrol prices,high toll rates. only good thing? CHEAP CHEAP movie tix, watch as much as possible before leaving!