Sunday, March 18, 2007

Does Size Matter?

Was it because of the title that made you read this post? So, does size matter? Heck! What kind of question is this? Well, it depends on what's in your mind.

Let me take height as an example. Just compare Asians and Westerners height. Well, the average height for Asians is around 171cm, compared to the Westerners who measured up to 178cm. So, what do we compare to see if size does matters. I'll take the performance of our sportsmen in various sports as a comparison.

Football. Well, we all know Malaysia are not doing well in the international scene (they are now ranked 154 in the world ranking!). And of the top 10 ranked teams, 8 are from the Europe and the remaining 2 are from South Americans. Even the highest ranked Asian team, Iran are just placed in 34th place. So, does this show that if you got the height, you do better in football?
Yes, if we compare Malaysians with the Europeans; but no, if we compare Malaysians with other Asian teams. Get what I mean here?
can you see where Malaysia is ranked?
We are just the same in physical sizes if we were to compare to the Japanese and Koreans, but why when they could qualify into the World Cup finals over the years, we couldn't even pull out a decent result in the qualifying matches? Instead we are the ones who are watching the tournaments from home.

So, does size matter? NO! (I don't think so)

Okay, enough on football. Now take my cases as another example. I've got to go to 2 states, several shopping complexes and shops, gone through tons (I'm not sure of the exact figure) of pairs of shoes to get my leather shoe. And finally I got one. Why all the hassle?
the pair of shoe I finally got!
Yes, you guess it right, SIZE! You could almost never find a pair of shoes with size above 10 in Taiping. And I got to go to Penang and Ipoh to get a right shoe for me. Usually when we are buying shoes, the things we look for are price, design, brand (maybe) and the last will be size, as it usually won't be a problem. But for me, it's reversed. Size comes first. No size, no talk.

So, does size matter? YES!

Well, it's squared at one-a-piece. So what's next to compare? It took me quite some time to figure it out.

But an article today in The Star (Education Section) left me no choice but to talk about height, again. Being tall now has another benefit if you are a female who is at least 5'10" or a male at least 6'2", you are eligible for the Kae Summer Einfeldt Scholarship worth US$1,000 (RM 3,500). As long as you are under 21 and plans to attend college this year, you can get in touch with Tall Clubs International for more information. So, JPA and Petronas, take notice!
height does matter - there are scholarships for those over and under certain heights!
And those who are vertically challenged, don't worry as the Little People of America Association offers support to people who are 4'10" or less in height. An application form, letter of request and three reference letters could see you on your way to landing US$2,000 (RM7,000) to help subsidise your education.

Again, when we ask, does size matter? YES, it does!

Let us ask this question from the women point of view. Do they really mind how the c*** of their boyfriends and husbands measure up? I couldn't answer this, of course! As a guy, how would I know?!

So, girls and women out there, do you guys really take the size into account?
Does size matter?
Would you guys prefer this?

Or this?

And yes, that c*** was meant for 'CARS'!


replacement said...

so long bo visit ur blog ad..full with philosophy..thau hin hin ar..hana la..chai u 'teng' la..mien tien la..ask u try dat 'theory' u acct mayb u test ad i oso duno la..haha..hanala!!blif u la!! ^.^

calvin said...

told u edi ma. i don't simply go and test any unproven 'theory' until it's tested and becomes a scientific law. if u still want, u can try ask ur GS5 friends!!! haha!!!

p/s: please ask them for me if they got a lifetime membership as well!!! haha!!!