Monday, March 5, 2007

Chap Goh Meh

Well, for the last few post, I've just been posting in article after article. So I guess for a change, I'll talk about chap goh meh in this post. As we all know, it's the last day of Chinese New Year. By traditions, single girls will be throwing kam (oranges) into rivers and hoping those kam being picked up by their future-to-be partners. To keep up with traditions and time, youngsters nowadays will be writing their names, telephone numbers and e-mail on the kam.
All this while, I never tried throwing (or should I say, picking) the kam before so far, and this year, there's no difference as well. I just went to a Buddhist temple and did the 'Buddha-puja' (not very sure if you guys have any idea about it). It actually means the offering of flowers to the Triple Gem (signifying the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha) and the lighting of oil lamps surrounding the pavilion and are conducted in the traditional way.

And these are among the pictures I took from last night.
my grandma lighting the oil lamps
the fully lightened oil lamps
giant joss sticks in full flames
and i thought this is another nice angle of the tua ki hiau (long joss sticks)
going around the pavilion with joss sticks
the pavalion with oil lamps and lanterns... nice view, isn't it?
calvin in action!!! =)

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