Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Road Back To SGI

I returned to SGI for the… hmm, maybe the second time since I left the school in 2004. I wanted to go by myself initially, but Ferdinand asked me if I wanted to go together and I straight said yes to him. At least I'll have a company and not going alone. If not because he had stomach acne yesterday, we would have gone there a day before. But never mind la Ferdi. I won't blame you for put-me-airplane!! Haha…
We went there around 10am coz it's recess time and it'll be easier to meet up with the teachers. The school was still pretty much the same. Just that there are some new facilities, new renovations here and there and also some new teachers and also teachers who have either retired (like Miss Teoh) and left for other places. The first teacher I talked with was Pn. Soh, my Add Maths teacher. And she was still the same Pn. Soh few years back. I also met with Pn. Liang, which didn't teach me before during my time in SGI. But nevertheless she knows me quite well (I think). She's actually my mum's kampung friend. Something nice when talking with Pn. Liang is that she'll be using all sorts of dialects when talking. Just name it. English, Bahasa Melayu, Hokkien, Mandarin, and sometimes even Tamil and some Thai! I guess next time I got to teach her some Japanese as well…
Next was Shaun's mum, Pn. Aeria, who thought us Living Skills (or more commonly known as Kemahiran Hidup) in Form 3. The first question after I told her I'm leaving for Japan is: "You not scared of earthquake ar?" Haha, I think she likes that question very much coz last time whenever I talked about I'm going to Japan with her, she'll mention that word. Anyway, it was a nice chat with Pn. Aeria.
Although I see Mr. Yee (my Physics teacher) almost everyday in the lake gardens jogging, we never really got the chance to have a decent chat. So I managed to catch up with him as well. While talking halfway, the electricity went off. But still in the darkness (I think I've over elaborated coz it's not that dark actually) and hot condition, we continue talking away.
Ferdi and I actually felt that there were just a few teachers around today until we got to know that the rest were in the library having a jamuan after their debate competition. And by the way, SGI won the district level debate competition. They beat SM Hua Lian in the final. So after they had their jamuan, I got to see Pn. Choo and Cik Nurul as well. Thanks for the copy of Georgian 2006, Pn. Choo :) And to Cik Nurul, I'm looking forward to you having a trip down to Tokyo some time in the future.
And the other teachers I saw, but didn't got to talk to them (they were busy with class and some other stuff) were Pn. Devan, Mr. Onn (still with his jokes), Miss Ng (saw her teaching in the class when we were ronda-ing the school and her teaching method is still the same. For those who was under Miss Ng before, I think you know what I mean here) and Pn. Kuna I’m trying to think who else, but I could have forgotten some of them. Sorry if I had left out anyone here. And I also met with Zhen Hui's mum, Pn. Chan.
After talking with the teachers, both of us just chat a while before I leave coz I got to fetch my sister. I've been doing this (fetching my sis) for the whole holiday! And for our (I say 'both' coz Zhen Hui and me will be leaving) farewell, we changed our plan and now we'll be doing it together with the OGA Annual Dinner. So it'll be a 2-in-1 event.
Fuhh, I didn't realized I've blogged so long already. So I guess I'll stop here for today.
5 days away and it’s getting closer…

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