Sunday, March 25, 2007

At Last, My New Laptop

I got my laptop today! Yeah, it has been some time I wanted to have my very own laptop. So, for the most of the time today, I've been browsing through the laptop. The operating system is Windows Vista, so there are lots of new features which I find them kinda interesting.
Tomorrow, I'll be going down KL coz I'll be going to Klang on Monday morning. Joann told me the lecturers and students (plus Malaysian senpai) from Nagaoka Kousen will be going to her school Methodist Girls School (MGS) that day. I'll also be able to meet up with Nadia Sensei, who happens to be teaching at that school. I'm hoping it will be a nice trip down Klang as well as getting the chance to try their famous bak kut teh as well (Joann promised to treat me! Haha…thanks ^.^)
By the way, the visitors to my blog surpassed the 200 mark for the first time today. I know this is still a small figure, but still, isn't it an 'achievement' for a new blogger like me?
I'll be back with stories on my trip to Klang in a couple of days.

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