Thursday, March 1, 2007

This Thing Called Love

LOVE. It's such a simple word yet it means a lot of different things. It varies from one person to the other. Try asking a seven-year-old what love means to him. Then ask a 20-year-old. You would not get the same answer. If you are still not sure, ask a 60-year-old.

I asked a primary school boy the question: "Love?" he asked me back. "Oh, that. Hmm…It means cuddling with mama, papa, abang and adik each night before I go to bed." Yes, that's what love is to a child. Impressive, if you ask me. A simple cuddle means the world to him.

Then, I asked a 21-year-old-college babe the exact same question. Her answer was: "Love? It means nothing to me. Love is so over-rated these days that no one actually means it when then say 'I love you'. I used to believe in love, but when my boyfriend cheated on me, I no longer have faith in love."

Sad, isn't it? Only 21 years of age, but no longer believes in love. It only takes one person to make you fall in love; it also takes one person to make you lose faith in it. Ironic.

I then asked a 73-year-old man: "Sir, what does love mean to you?"

"My child, love means the world to me. Love is the guiding force in my life. Love is why I wake up in the morning, Love is the reason why I cry at night, love is why I am still here living, love is why I believe in things, love is everything," was his answer to my simple question.

I was amazed by his answer. I then asked: "Love is everything? But why?"

He said: "Love, my child, is all we need. Love is all there. War is never an answer, for only love can conquer hate. Haven't you heard of that saying? It shows that love is a very strong force that guides us in life. Love isn't only a feeling. It is more than that. It is a thing, it is a someone. As for me, love is my beloved wife. She is love, and for that, love is everything," was what he said.

The things he said got me pondering. I compared all these three answers and I came to a conclusion. Love is a lot of different things to many different people.

It means the world to some people, it means nothing to others. And a person's perspective on love will change at different stages in life.

For the young boy, his parents and siblings mean love. The young lady, has stopped believing in it. And to the wise old man, everything is love. So you see, as you grow older, you become more mature and at that phase of life, you will start to find the true meaning of love.

Whatever love means to you, it does not matter. For love is universal. And with the presence of love, anything is possible. The young loves sincerely, the old loves unconditionally. There is no gap.


replacement said...

wei..vry chim..mayb gina like me wont und wher's ur perception bout love?is this ur blog or old man,child n young its vry chim use brain n read..haih..

calvin said...

where got very deep? and it's not necessary i must post in my perception about love wan ma. anyway, if u still want it, i'll post a more 'shallow' version some other time la...hehe '.^